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February 19, 2016 |

NC Wildlife Officials vote down proposed alligator hunting season



WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission voted on different proposed changes to rules regarding the state’s game land, inland fishing regulations, and wildlife management.

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The commission voted Thursday to disapprove the proposed alligator hunting season because of, “an abundance of caution and desire for additional biological information,” according to the commission.


Landon Zimmer, a N.C. Wildlife Commissioner, said the goal was to preserve the state’s resources. He said once the biologists return with more information on the alligators and their birthrates and nesting habits, then they will be able to make a decision on the proposed hunting season.

One man in wildlife removal services is worried allowing people to hunt for alligators would wipe out the population.

He feared people don’t know enough about how to properly capture and kill an alligator.

“It’s a problem, and I don’t know just how they would do it, unless they get supervised hunts. In other words, a man gets a permit, and a wildlife official goes with him,” James English said.

The commission did state in a release that they would, “examine options that would utilize the skills and expertise of North Carolina sportsmen and women to provide assistance in removal of alligators under nuisance or depredation circumstances.”

English said he only sees a reason to kill if it is posing a threat to a human being.

“A ten foot gator could be terribly dangerous, so could a nine foot one. I mean he could grab a man and just swim off with him easy. So, if he’s hanging out in a park or a public area. Why wait until he grabs somebody before you do anything?,” English asked.

Although English agreed there are some benefits to killing the larger gators, he worries people will accidentally shoot the smaller ones.

English added that he thinks people will just throw the smaller alligators out and try again, meaning more lose their lives.

He said killing the smaller gators will eventually wipe out the population.

February 16, 2016 |
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